A - Z Links

Are you after a neat and effective organising tool  to display links on your Website?    Our A - Z Links module displays links in alphabetical or numerical order and you have the option to use text or image as as link.  

The A-Z Links module can be used to display a full list of links, a random number of links or a number of most recently added links. 


Link can display as either an image or hyperlink

Display in single or multiple columns

Can display caption when mouse hovers over hyperlink

Arranges links in alphabetical order

Can display with or without alphabetical headings

Can be installed in Summary mode – records update automatically as they are added to main module

Allow users to submit or restrict to Admin only

All module display options can be easily changed by Admin via the module settings

This module can be installed a number of times on your site

Example - Title as Link

Here A - Z Links has been configured showing the alphabetical headings and using a hyperlink.

Example - Image as Link

In this example A - Z Links has been configured without the alphabetical headings and using an image as the link. 

A - Z Links

Your A - Z Links Module will come with an instant download, easy to follow user guide and support to help you install and configure your module.  

If you prefer to order our Smart Suite with all six Smart Modules in one purchase, please click on the Smart Suite button on our Smart Modules page.

Smart Support

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30 Day - Free Trial

We are so confident that you will love the added functionality of our Smart Modules that we are happy to offer you a Free, 30 day Trial of our product, before purchasing.

At the completion of your 30 day trial, you will be prompted to purchase and license the module so you can carry on using any of our Smart Suite range of products.